Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Done...(and then I go off on a little huge rabbit trail)

I honestly didn't think I was going to make it without falling to the floor mid-word and begin snoring. I have had a lot of late nights.  Last week wouldn't have been so busy had I not been asked (and agreed) to help a friend help plan his wife's (my friend as well) 40th birthday party.

There was lots of texting back and forth and trying to make her think that he wasn't doing anything and then there was the fact that it got "dumped" on me to plan a little get-together for her after worship practice.  I should have said no to that one; it just caught me so off guard that "yes" just fell out of my mouth.

I think I have to try to limit what I do when BigB is gone.  That was the bulk of my stress right there.  I was doing the jobs of two people at our house and had extra work.  But I made it.  I did have a wonderful snooze right after the party (which absolutely surprised her - the party not the snooze) and felt way better.

You just want to be able to make these things perfect for people and I tend to get carried away.  The pictures of our church project are done; I may go take a few more today.  It is an always changing project.  You see, our church bought a group of townhouses that was THE roughest part of town and are remodeling the townhouses and cleaning up the area.  We have all ready had people come into the bay to say thank you and that they finally feel safe living across the alley from these places.  It's nice to see.

I did not get any pictures of these places when the project first started as I wasn't part of the media team yet but I can tell you that it was disgusting walking in them.  It was like walking into an indoor garbage dump - the trash (dirty diapers, rotting food, etc) was piled knee deep in a few of the townhouses.  Walls were grafittied, punched in, smeared with poop and rotten in most spots.  The guys that are working on them are my heroes! Most days the guys that are working and/or living there currently have their doors knocked on and are being asked for numerous different kinds of drugs. 

This project is the majority of why I (& our church) are so busy right now.  It is a labor of love and now time is of the essence - cold weather is coming and things have deadlines of yesterday. We want to help bring a new light and mindset to our city; it could be so beautiful - right now it is dark and oppressed.  We have been canvassing the businesses of the city to help us and we will be having a banquet in their honor of Wednesday.  It is a very exciting (but busy) time for all of us. 

I'll probably post a few pictures of the places right now and there is all ready a HUGE difference!

We like to be shaken from out of our comfort zones. 

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