Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot and Helathy - Week 2

So, last week wasn't too bad.  I did have one night that was, well, a "splurge night" let's say.  BigB and I went out for supper and we happened to need, ahem, to share a spinach dip and I happened to need to eat a tuscan stromboli and then we went to a local coffee shop where we were just going to get a drink but then BigB saw the coconut cream pie, which he had to have! This lead me to falling short and eating a half a piece of rocky road cheesecake. 

I would like to state, for the record and for my own pride, that I only ate half the piece of cheesecake and then shared the remainder with my chidren the next day.  Now THAT takes will power.

I have been doing a half hour of wii fit each day, except for Friday, and on Saturday I did a half hour of ab work using Turbo Jam. Which totals up to 3 1/2 hours of exercise for the week.  Yay me!

This week my goal is to keep more of an eye on what I am eating, starting a food journal and all that jazz.

I was craving the crunchy food when my family had movie night and chips/dip.  What curbed my craving was chowing down on some Honeycombs.  It gave me that "crunch" that I wanted while tricking myself into thinking I could be eating chips.  (Not the healthiest but I think a not bad substitute)


  1. Well, I myself had a splurge night too..I mean..we gotta have the good stuff every once in awhile right..

    Good job last week!!


  2. Good job on getting in all that exercise! I had a few days of splurge with Halloween candy.

    Good luck this week!

  3. Great job last week, I need to find alternatives for the Halloween candy that is all over my house. Good luck this week :o)

  4. Not a bad choice at all! And, sometimes, you've just gotta allow yourself some cheesecake...you know, so you don't end up eating the whole darn cake! ;) Great job!

  5. Great job girl.. Keep it up! I think I am going to be spending some time on the Wii fit as well this coming week

  6. If you can't give yourself one splurge night you are going to end up splurging EVERY night :)