Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Just In

I just got back from our appointments with Radiology, the doctor and the Cast Technician, Boris.

(yesterday after picking Bug up from my friend's house after work - pre doctor)
Bug has definitely broken his arm - his radius to be precise.  Apparently the bone is at a 5 to 10 degree elevation from where it should be and we need to go to the Cast Clinic on Thursday to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to see if "manipulation" of the bone is required.

(Waiting at the walk-in clinic yesterday with his pink panther)
He will be casted then.  For now, he has a brace on the arm and a sling to keep it stable.

(Trying to figure out the best way to support his arm during the night. This attempt was a fail.)

(Apparently, this way was the most comfortable for the little man.)

(The temporary "fix" until we see the surgeon to rule out the need for surgery on Thursday morning.)


  1. Awe, God Bless him!

    We've had a few broken bones down our end, completely understand you. Let's pray he heels quick quick.. My best advice.. Try to keep the cast as dry as you can, no one like a smelly cast..lol.. OH NOO..had those around here too..

  2. Wow! What a trooper. I don't know how in the world I would sleep with my arm like that. I hope no surgery is needed and he gets to pick out a super color for his cast!

  3. He's leaning towards orange. It is his current favorite color.

  4. Poor little man. I hope things feel better when he is seen later this week.

  5. Aww.. I hope that he feels better soon!