Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Healthy through the Holidays. Why?

That's the question, right?  Why am I doing this?  To be honest - or why bother right? - I need to get into better shape.  I need to exercise more and eat better.  I do try, just not hard enough.  As soon as I hit a difficult (as in hectic) time in our busy household I cave and my best friend becomes the fast food joint down the street and my couch becomes my close second.

→  I am hoping that this will kick start some weight loss for me, although I realize that weight loss is not the focus; I am hoping it will be an added bonus.
→ I attend a very busy church that is constantly getting busier and I need the strength and energy to do the things that I choose to be involved in.
→ I am on the worship team at our church and what good will I be if I am wheezing, puffing and crying for oxygen after the second song.  We have quite energetic worship times and they are usually about a half hour or so (perhaps a bit longer even).
→ I want to be a good example to my children in ALL areas of their lives - that includes nutrition and fitness.

Why am I and why will I be airing this in blog-o-land?  I start big; I have grandiose ideas and intentions and then, {sound of deflating balloon} I fizzle out....ppppsssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh.  I am hoping that the accountability and the support of some ladies will keep me on the straight and narrow and that my words or my situation or my ideas may, indeed, help someone else out. 

So, here we go! Let 'er buck!


  1. Good luck!!! You are going to do amazingly well! :) Just keep your mind on the right track, make exercise a priority, and check in with us whenever you need motivation or a kick in the butt! :)

    Can't wait to hear all about your amazing progress! xoxo.

  2. You will do awesome!! Thanks for joining in!! I need to be held accountable myself..


  3. You go girl. Youu caahhn dooo eeet!

  4. hi- i just came across your page! i LOVE the buttons!!! so cute!

  5. Amazing what a little "accountability" does for the will power?!! So glad to see you join in! We'll definitely give you the support and encouragement you need!

  6. Hoping you'll hold me accountable too!

  7. I am soo like you!! Glad we have each other to keep us all in line. Good Luck :)

  8. Now you know how many people are supporting you! That's why we blog about these things...!

  9. Keep us updated and let us know how we can support you! I admire you trying this during the holidays - but my thought is, if you can do it this time of year, you've gotten over the biggest hump! You do start grand!