Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Have Babies

Okay, now that I have caught all of your attention; no, it is NOT me!!!!! We got a fish for BigDaddy for Father's Day and she was expecting. Yikes! How do you care for a mama fish? Better yet how do you care for the babies once they get here? I have found three so far and put them in this floating fish thingy that we have and so, for now, it shall be the maternity ward or nursery. They are so cute and so little. I almost wanted to wake the kids up so they could see it but then...ah, never mind. I can't wait for them to see their babies in the morning!

I'll keep you posted on if we have more babies or not.

I will place bets on at least one of these babies being called Strawberry Shortcake. I know the mama is as is the male betta we have. Who wants to take this bet? Any takers? Any one?
(originally posted June 23, 2005 on my original blog)


  1. How fun, and a neat lesson in biology:O)

  2. Oh wow, fish babies! I had a ton of fish when I was growing up, but none of them had any babies. I think that would be kind of cool!