Monday, February 7, 2011

BayBabe Watch

We are on Day 10 of waiting for this baby to make its grand appearance.  I'm wondering if we hadn't missed something in the set up or something... you know come celebraties are divas when it comes to what they want in their dressing rooms. Perhaps we are looking at a diva of the future...

Day 10.

BigDaddy is gone for the week... in a community with no cell coverage... He was not happy about leaving just in case his baby girl decided to give birth in his absence. The baby could be a week old before he knows about it....

It will all work out in the wash.


  1. is she doing this with a dulah, midwife? My OB would have induced already. God knows the perfect timing :O)

  2. She is doing it with a GP. And just came back from an appt today and was told not until Monday now.... Poor, poor girl! I told her not to worry though, baby will be out before it needs to graduate! :D

  3. For normal healthy and 1st time pregnancies, it is not uncommon to wait until 2 weeks past due (42 weeks) to induce. Usually, also, ultrasounds are done and weight of baby is takrn into consideration.