Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's starting!!!!

I know. I know.  "What's starting?"

IT is happening!!!!

Yes, there are signs of progress... the baby is on its way.

Still slowly. My grandbaby likes to do things on its own terms.  Our overnight bag is packed and ready to make a short trip... you know, to go meet this grandbaby in person and all!

Yesterday MamaJ (yes, her new name) was a mere 1 cm dilated.  This could be a long process but we are ready and raring to go!!!

Ok, my sweet grandbaby, I am pretty darn stoked to meet you.  You are going to add so much more to this family than there all ready is and we, if I say so myself, are all ready a pretty cool, full of life, laughter and love family.


  1. ANy plans to induce? Or does the 1 cm imclude contractions and heavy breathing?

  2. The talked about inducing Feb 10 but this was before dilation started - not sure what the plan is now...