Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The post you don't have to read

you know, because I'm about to whine just a teeny tiny bit...

I don't want to go to work today; I would much rather stay in my bed.  Ooooo it was so toasty.
You see, it's cold outside.  Not as cold as it can be nor, for that matter, as cold as it has been. For some reason though, the sound of the alarm, this morning, was like bamboo shoots being shoved through my eardrums. (ok, I am surmising; I have no idea what that feels like nor do I intend to find out).

I get to venture into coldness and windchills to start my car, let it warm-up for 10-15 minutes so it is warm enough to drive. I also don't feel like contending with square tires. You think I could make that stuff up?!

BigDaddy is gone, to the very tip of this province and that means he can't go start the car for us; you know, since I don't want to {grin}.  I am a blessed woman; when he is here, he takes very good care of me in those regards.

How many times do you think you could call in "allergic to vertical" and still have a job to go to?

That's what I thought.  Better go start that car then! Sheesh!

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  1. FUnny on the square tires. Never heard of that. -19 here this morning. That's just getting to be sinfully cold, when your face hurts. At these temps, my van makes this HORRIBLE whine/screech noise, and even the kids ask MOM, WHAT is that NOISE!?! and you just hope it doesn't break down a block from school. So feel ya on the warm up the car thing. And why is it that my hubs has remote start? I wanna get one of those.