Friday, February 4, 2011

Snail's Pace

Yes, this baby is slower than molasses in January!  And given that it was just -43 Celsius here with the windchill perhaps that is providing baby with the incentive to stay curled up right where the little darling is! 


There are people here who have been waiting almost 10 months to meet you...

MamaJ is officially 7 days overdue today. Her patience has wained... who am I trying to kid here!? What patience!? {grin} Poor girl is uncomfortable, tired, achy, headachy and just plain old anxious and excited to meet the little bundle of joy that is going to change her life in ways she can not even fathom. {grin}

She has gotten all sorts of strange helpful hints as to how to bring forth labor, including my humourous mockery of some of them in which I told her to place her hands on her tummy and with a firm, authorative voice say "Baby! Come forth!!!"

What kinds of advice were you given at the end of your pregnancy?


  1. to eat a whole berry pie, i did it and it worked :O)

  2. A whole blueberry pie!!!!???? Wowzers! In one sitting? Did you have room for that with baby in there... ha ha ha

  3. Sex. THere are natural prostoglandins in his stuff that help dialate. Srsly. BUt it's more of a comedy cuz who "wants" to do that at that stage of the game.

  4. maybe that's what pushed her out :O)