Friday, February 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life - What do you feed your kids???

Found this over at Kelly's Korner and thought it would be kind of cool to share. 

I have 7 children.  5 of them have lived with us on a full-time basis.  My 2 youngest "step" children have always lived with their mom.

This is what we have found "pleases" the majority of our children:

Oatmeal (with berries or other types of fruit)
P.B & Honey sticks (toast cut into strips)
Toads in a hole
Honey combs
Smoothies (made with yogurt, frozen berries, bananas and milk)
Yogurt with granola and berries and/or bananas

KD and wieners
Orange (tomato) soup and grilled cheese
pita pizzas
pizza subs
homemade lunchables

cubed chicken with dipping sauce
sushi rice (it is moldable - I squish it into balls and they think it's great!)
waikiki meatballs
veggies with dip
shake n bake chicken
spinach salad with mandarine orange segments in it

I have always been fortunate as my children have never balked at vegetables - the occassion type but not veggies as a whole. I have always referred to veggies as nature's candy though. But I have found that children LOVE to dip and dunk foods, especially when they are young.  So, when my children were young I would cube chicken breast with a dipping sauce, veggies with dip (ranch, etc), fruit with dip (yogurt, peanut butter, etc) and they LOVE drinks like smoothies (especially if you can make them fun colors). Add lots of blueberries and black berries for a purpley colored one or add food coloring... through in cottage cheese when blending if you are concerned your children aren't getting enough protein or add tofu...

I also hid stuff... if they ate meatballs I grated, very finely, veggies (zucchini, carrots, peppers, etc) and mixed them in with my meatballs or added it to pasta sauce... whatever I could sneak it in.  That was more for the sake of my teenage "step"son who came to live with us with the liking of only one vegetable, corn niblets!  I can proudly say that for his girlfriend's birthday a few weeks ago, he cooked asparagus, roasted peppers and made a salad!!!! 

Offering them repeatedly seems to work. If all your little one will eat is carrots, try to add just a smidge of another veggie with it.  As they get accustomed, they will eat more and more and it will become natural to see those things on the dinner plate.

With kids, I have learned the more fun it is to eat, the easier it is to get them to eat it!

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