Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In which I admit how I broke my hand

I wish it were a funny story or a brave one or even just remotely cool but, alas, my hand breaking story is lame {except for the fact that it lead up to the day I met my grand-daughter}.

We started off on Feb 9 in the town near MamaJ's home; she was dilating like a mad woman and then... NOTHING! No more progression! Doctor mentioned augmentation or a possible c-section which this little hospital was not set up to do.  {Well, they considered doing the c-section there but thankfully couldn't get the o.r. staff in to assist.  I say 'thankfully' because the doctor then explained she had only ever seen one in college and proceeded to ask the nurse what she needed to do next. I. Don't. Think. SO!}

Load MamaJ into the ambulance and head here, to my hometown. I will not admit to which traffic violations I may or may not have committed on our (Jellybean and Bug were with me) trip home. I dropped the kids off at my dad's because by this time they had waited at a hospital for 6 hours and it would be a late night yet.

Speed walking through the hospital parking lot and BANG! I hit the ground and with every bone in my body on the way down. I lay there for a bit, seriously hoping someone saw me so they could help me up because I didn't think I was moving on my own. No one came. I decided laying on the ice wasn't fun anymore {wait! It wasn't fun to begin with! wink}. Up I got, with a few scrapes, sore bones (mostly my knees and elbows) and a little bruised pride.

Anywho, off to the maternity ward. No c-section! Oxytocin and fentanyl. Bets were placed on when baby would be born. One insisted Feb 9. 9 1/2 hours after arriving at second hospital, our dear baby was born on Feb 10! (bet lost but not by me). Bet lost about whether she was a boy or girl as well, also not by me as I had all ready bought several too-cute-to-pass-by girl outfits! {tee hee! What can I say, I am an optimist}

Lots of squeezing done to my right hand... never any increase in pain so I never gave it another thought past bone bruise. One week later, the pain was so intense in my hand I "yelled"sternly spoke to a patient and knew I needed to get it checked. She is broken, a bone in my hand; it aches when I am at work or have to do a lot of typing (this post has taken me forever to type out). It's not a big deal though. It's not excruciating pain or anything, just more of an inconvenience but heh, I got a beautiful grand-daughter out of the whole thing. I'd say I am still on the winning end, inspite of the fall! 

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