Monday, March 8, 2010

Chances are...

If you were here with me

We would have just got the two kids tucked into bed.

We would have just listened to Bug reading (for real and not just making words to a story up by looking at the pictures) Cookies! by Robert Munsch.

You would be laughing with me over the fact that Bug decided he needed a hair cut tonight instead of brushing his teeth.

You would have had the same knowing look on your face when I walked into the bathroom to check on him, only to have his say, "Mama, it might look like I cut my hair but I never did.  Nope."

You would have known that we don't take kindly to lying in our house when you heard the discussion we had about it and how, sooner or later your lies catch up to you.  Jellybean even told him, "Bug, it says right in the Bible that our sins will be found out."

You would be helping me find a place that is cheap enough to "fix" his hair as best as it can without being a complete waste of money since it may take a bit to fix.

 You would also think it quite amusing that my husband handed me a $20 bill and said, "There! Now will you please go get two eyebrows!?"  (Not sure how to take that?  It is my joke that he is turning around on me.  I say that all the time especially to the girl at the salon, "Quick!  I need two eyebrows! Not one!".  So he was not being a jerk just a loving husband in a funny way.)

We would have just finished putting the last of the trailmix I "threw together" into snack bags and probably fighting over the last bit in the bowl - especially the chocolates! 

We also would have just finished putting "Goldfish" crackers into snack bags and into the kids' snack boxes.

We would be laughing and telling stories as we wait for BigB's clothes to finish drying.  He is out of town AGAIN this week (YUCK!) and I am doing his laundry while he is running between meetings and doing computer work at the church.

We would also be talking about how excited  our family is getting for the conference (College Days actually) that our church is having this weekend.  It will be busy but it will be GREAT!

We'd probably, by now, be trying to figure out how we could squeeze the calories out of cheesecake so we wouldn't feel bad for really, really, REALLY wanting a piece and we wouldn't feel bad about NOT sharing.

What would we be doing if we were at YOUR house?

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