Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Whole Lotta Watoto Love

This chubby faced, curly haired cutey is what my Jellybean looked like at 3 years old. (I know. I will stop for a moment so you can look at her and sigh over her cuteness with me...) The doll beside the doll is Watoto - a doll made in an African village by some of the moms. Watoto still lives with us; her hair is no longer all cute as Jellybean took ALL her little hair wraps out.
Because of having Verbal Apraxia, Jellybean couldn't say very many words but when she met Precious, a young lady from the Watoto Children's Choir (click link to watch a videoclip of these fantastic kids - including the beautiful, young Precious) but she kept talking about "Toto over and over.
She became infatuated with this beautiful handmade doll and we bought it for her. She is a well loved doll and I think will be for years to come.
Watoto is Swahili for children and the children from this choir are orphans, most having lost their parents to AIDS. If you watch the video clip I linked to, which I encourage you to do, you will see a group of vibrant, joyful children, who have every reason in the world to wallow in self-pity and depression. Put your sunglasses on when watching. The glow from the screen is not a computer malfunction that it their captivating, big, wide, bright smiles that comes from pure joy. I promise you won't be able to watch them without being overcome with joy and you will close off that video with a huge smile on your face.
I know we were priviledged to meet these children when they came through our town and fell, instantly, in love with each and everyone of them.

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