Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Losing weight

No, I'm not talking about physical weight, however that would be uber nice too {I shall not digress this time}.  I am talking about the fact that I am getting a trunk full of stuff out of my house today: the stuff I showed you all a few days back plus another bag of odds and ends, a basket, 8 drinking glasses, and a unicorn picture that my mom gave Jellybean a few years ago and has never been put up in her room.  She never really liked it.

Why did I keep it?  Didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings, I guess.  Several years later I can say she just grew tired of it.  I need to lose that mentality.  I am not keeping stuff around & load us down with junk to apease someone's state of mind.  I can politely tell them that it didn't suit our needs and that we gave it to someone who needed it or something to that effect, right?  Nothing wrong with that, right?  Or wrong?  I don't really know.  I am just hoping right.

It feels good to get that clutter out of here.  It does feel like sudden weight loss.  I feel lighter, freer.  I don't feel stuck or stressed.  I think too much "stuff" will lead to stress or over stimulation or something to that effect because I do seem to feel a lot lighter right now.  Even though my livign room is full of piles, stacks and a heaping laundry basket of stuff to take out of here in order to paint.  I doubt I will put most of it back in this room.  I am turning into a declutter addict.  Good?  Bad? I am not sure but I am tossing and selling and I am on a roll!

Sorry, no pictures of it.  Still can't figure out why I can't load pictures to blogger AND my battery is on the wall in the charger right now.


  1. Amen!!! i love getting rid of stuff. in fact am going thru some stuff right now. Just took a break to check out my bloggy friends:O)
    It feels sooo good!!!

  2. It sure does! I am loving it! There may need to be a 12-step program created for me before I am done. I will buy stuff just to throw it out. LOL

  3. I figure if I try to take more stuff out than what is coming in I'm slowly getting ahead of the "game"...just have to keep up with it...

    Glad you are doing it!

    With love and hope,