Monday, March 1, 2010


There can come beauty from much pain.  My two youngest children  proved that to me tonight.

Jellybean and Bug were downstairs practicing their guitar and drums when Jellybean brought her guitar upstairs and sat on the couch to practice - looking prettty sad I might add. A few moments later Bug chased her upstairs, shouting "I'm sorry!  I said I was sorry!"

A bit of investigating (BigB is gone for the week with work; we can't even do "good cop/bad cop" {grin}), I found out that he had told Jellybean that she was a mean, selfish person who didn't even love Rush or God.  You could tell, by the look on Jellybean's face, that his words really stung.

Now I know you guys don't personally know my Jellybean but let me tell you, she has the biggest heart I know! She will cry over her uncle who was killed in a car accident because she misses not getting to love him the way she loves my brother; she cries for the children in Africa who won't get to eat meals like her mommy's lasagna or be able to eat puffed wheat cake (not often but it will occassionally overwhelm her).  She writes notes to almost strangers 'just to make them smile' - like the girls who pierced her ears, her guitar teacher, the doctor that helped fix my brother's broken neck. She gave up ALL her savings money to buy a back window for our car when it was recently smashed out because 'we need a window more than I need a DS'.  (Please keep in mind, this young girl is 9 years old, so she does have a HUGE heart).  She loves her big sister with all her little heart and she is very in love with God.  So, to have Bug utter those words to her, shattered her heart into tiny little pieces.

I talked to Bug about why he said those things and he 'didn't know'; I asked him if he really felt Jellybean was those things and he said 'no'.  I then asked for him to apologize to her and I needed to hold back tears of my own because it was such a beautiful, tender and loving moment between brother and sister.

My 6 year old son went over to her, put his hands on her shoulders and began to apologize for each mean thing he had said, including telling her thngs she had done that makes him know she isn't; he, then, asked her to forgive him and he began to sob.

Jellybean looked at him, through teary eyes and said, "Bug, I just want to let you know I forgave you as soon as you said them but thank you for saying sorry." 

And then, the two hugged each other so hard and tight, I thought their heads were gonna pop off and they cried together (while mama sat on the couch and cried over seeing such a sweet moment between two of her children.).

It really was beautiful to see.


  1. Wow what a touching story!!!!!!
    Your daughter sounds so wise beyond her years. She is truly a great example of Christs love!!!! What a blessing as a mom to have such loving children!

  2. She convicts us, at times, with her heart. Thank you so much for those kind words. It really does a mama's heart good to hear that about her children! What more could a mom want!

  3. Ugh. Well here I am teary just reading that! What a proud moment for you, mommy!

  4. awesome. it sounds like jellybean has such a sweet spirit...and an ornery brother!

    how sweet of him to apologize like that!!!

  5. Oh good grief - I am sitting here all teary-eyed. What a wonderful scene of heartfelt forgiveness and love. You're doing something right - I hope my kid loves that same way.