Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Let's just say that sometimes I really, no - I REALLY, REALLY need to realign my priorities.  It has been so easy lately to get caught up in just sitting and "relaxing" when I am home that I have on occassion, set aside some very important things in my life.

And I am so not even referring to the fact that I still need to wash the pot I made supper in and that the countertops are full of ketchup (thanks to my Bug).  I am talking about REALLY important things.

I am referring to the wonderful time I just spent doing a devotional for pre-teen girls with Jellybean while we snuggled on her bed, and the wonderful conversation and giggles we shared after.  Or the little Bug who asked to sit on my knee and I was "too tired".  I really was but, that is one moment I will never get  back again. 

Just now I am enjoying the watching my cat Fatcat Jewel curled up on MY warm, fuzzy blanket looking like a young kitten again.

Do I really want to miss these moments because other things are too important?

I know I am busy; we are most always on the move but, we are most always on the move together.  If I go to the church to do some of the work I have been asked to do, the kids come with me and we spend time together that way but, there is just something so simple, so pure, so wonderful about just being still with your child - having a moment just for the two of you.

This morning the kids were almost late for school because we decided to lay back down on my bed after all was said and done in the "get ready dept" and we just lay there, Bug on one side of me and Jellybean on the other.  It was well worth the zippy driving I did to get them to school before the bell so they wouldn't get demerits.

If there are times you think it may be just a smidge too quiet around here and you are pretty sure there are no irons in my project/task fire, please smile and know that I am somewhere snuggling with, giggling with and loving on one of these precious kids of mine (or maybe my husband)


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