Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Blogger

I have tried for two days to post pictures.  Each day has equalled a big ol' fail.  Please look into this.  Thank you.
And in other news... I enjoyed a lovely breakfast date with my husband today.  We then went to look for paint samples for my Pastor's house (I am helping his wife with some of that stuff) and I will be emptying our living room in order to do some patching tomorrow and we will begin the painting process of our house!  Yay!
Tonight, I will be doing mudding and sanding in my son's classroom so I can get it painted ASAP.

I have two children left living in my home and they are both growing up WAY too fast! Bug has informed me, as of yesterday, that he is no longer in need of the Lightning McQueen wall stickers he has in his bedroom.   Say what.  Aren't you still a little boy.  I guess we are going to need to "big boyify" his room as we are doing with Jellybean's (only she is asking if she can make her room more suitable for an "almost pre-teen").  She is more interested in creating outfits, doing her hair and making sure her nail polish matches her outfit than with playing with dolls and wearing pigtails. 

Um, where did that time go?


  1. Way tooo fast!!!
    You are a busy bee with all that painting. That must be one of your gifts:O)

  2. My oldest is graduating this year and I feel like a deer in headlights sometimes wondering how I came to be where I'm at right now...can't believe my baby that I held in my arms for the first time in April of 92 is going to be heading off to college soon! :(

    Love and hope,