Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I feel the need...the need for...

Thermal everything.

Ah, that would be so nice. It's cold here - not just cold, freezing! Or as my kids and nephews would say, "It's frissing!"

Today, without windchill, it was -35 celsius. For my American friends that is -31F. Without. the. Wind. Chill! Where I live there is ALWAYS windchill. Ok, not always but during the winter there is most always a windchill.

We don't have snow, well, we have skifts of snow. The ground is white but barely and that makes the cold, well, colder.

And so, here I am, in my flannel pajama bottoms, 2 shirts and a fleecy hoody zipped up to my chin, thinking of soaking in a super hot bath once the kids are in bed and snuggling with a hot water bottle...maybe partaking of way too much hot chocolate...

I am dreaming of a rustic log house with a crackling fireplace, a mug of steaming hot chocolate, a thick blanket strategically draped across my lap, a Samoyed dog curled up on the floor by on my feet, a fluffy snow falling softly outside the window as a beautiful horse casually runs by, with a beautifully decorated Blue Spruce or Douglas Fir in the corner. Oh, and of course, there must be a table on one side of the room heavily laden with all sorts of glorious foods - cheeses, meats, dips, crackers, rolls, etc...

C'mon, who's with me? And after seeing the pictures over at New England Girl's site, I am thinking we should meet there! (Grin)

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  1. Holy moly. . that's cold!! I'll stop complaining about it being in the 40s and 50s here. (Of course, it's in the 40s and 50s if you don't account for the windchill!! ; )