Thursday, December 10, 2009

When I grow up I wanna...

Two years ago, I went back to school, upgraded some of my high school marks and got the math 30 mark I needed in order to go into Nursing.  I got accepted and was raring to go.  Circumstances in our family dynamics changed and it did not seem like the right time. I dialed the number to the school and I sobbed in the poor administrator's ear as I declined their acceptance letter. 

I still haven't completely got that nursing bug out of my veins but I have accepted that it probably is not something that will come to pass for me.  I am, although there is still a longing, fine to do what is best for my family and for my situation no matter what that means.

Up until about 3 months ago, I worked full-time as an Office Manager for  Early Childhood Intervention; it was a great company to work for and I thoroughly loved my job.  Last year, we had so much trouble with our sitter for Bug; she would be fine for 3 months, decide she couldn't handle it and then try all over again.  It was rather stressful and I vowed that this year we would not have to endure the same thing.

The timing couldn't have been better but I handed in my resignation (with sadness) at ECIP and began to work at Customer Service at a local grocery store from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Bug is at a friend's house long enough to eat lunch and I am done.  I pay her a meal for 7 kids each week.  Not bad huh?

Today BigB came home talking like maybe he would like me to quit my job completely and be a WAHM; where he works there is quite a demand for sitters and so we are in the process of deciding if I am going to go back to sitting a couple of kids during the days with a couple of after school kids.  Full-time daycare here is running people minimum $1000/month for one child.  I could be making more money than I am now by staying home with my children and charging someone $600-$700 a month (and save them some money at the same time).  

I don't know what to charge for after-school kids.  Any ideas?  They would be from 3:30 to 5:30.

We need to pray about this and sit down and have a meeting with each other to see if this is something that can be done.  I wonder what I am going to be when I grow up...

Goat trail alert:
Is that something you and your spouse do, have regular "business" meetings?  A household is like a business and there is a business end to it, so we like to have regular meetings to assess, amend and revamp.

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