Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We've recently had a casualty

Yessiree and I have mixed feelings about it.  You see, we have "lost", um, he's not lost...ok, there's no other way to say it.  Here goes. 

One of these guys has died.  I found the gross little critter belly up on the bottom of his terrarium when I went to tuck Bug in.

And I was SO brave getting him out too!  You'd all be very proud of me.  I grabbed a garbage bag and spread it out on Bug's desk, then I grabbed a knife and wiggled it under the creepy crawly recently deceased, put him in the bag, smooshed the top of it together, and then threw that bag into the big garbage bag and tied it shut.

You know, just in case it was just pretending to be dead so it could actually escape from the garbage bag and eat me.  Because that is just what they do - feign death in order to eat people.  Have you not heard that deaths by long-tailed grass lizard consumption has been on the rise?  It hasn't?  Oh.

In reality, I do feel kind of sad - not as sad as my kids - but sad.  This lizard was Rush's; his name was Rodriguez. Yes, I am aware that that is a very Mexican/Spanish name and long-tailed grass lizards are from Asia.  I did not name him.  I would have named it "Left at Petland". {grin}  I am wondering if I should replace it.  You know, before she comes to visit us on Saturday...or do I leave it dead because they really do gross me out?

What would you do?


  1. I wouldn't replace it, but I don't like creepy crawly things, either. I had to laugh when you mentioned it pretending to be dead. Just yesterday I told my husband that he had to take care of the mouse present one of my cats brought to the back door because I couldn't do it since there was a good chance said mouse would actually wake up and chase after me. Heh. Ew.

  2. I guess I would leave it dead. It's a hard lesson in responsibilty, that you cannot just abandon God's creatures and expect them to flourish. It was her responsibility, and she, well, she failed. Or, maybe, dropped the ball is a little softer. But you get what I mean. Maybe that's an answer that lacks in grace, or tenderness, but that's the reality of her choices. But I can say that more, um, coldheartedly because she's not my daughter. Maybe compassion is needed? I dunno, you're the mom. You decide. Maybe poor old Rodriguez died of a broken heart from her leaving. Ok, is that too sad. Sorry. I'll just stop now.

  3. may rodriguez rest in peace. my boys always something alive slithering around in my house when they were growing up! enjoy the snips and snails and puppy dog tails that your kids love, they grow up quickly!

  4. I don't think you were harsh at all - regarding the replacement of the critter for Rush.

    I am wondering about Jellybean and Bug; they have gotten so attached to those guys. Bug cried for a half hour last night before finally falling asleep...

  5. Aww, poor little lizard... I hope he's resting peacefully. I am not such a fan, but I am a big animal lover and even these creepies fall in there. I don't know if you should replace it or not... if you do, definitely don't pretend it is the same one! :)