Monday, December 21, 2009


I hope none of you have been holding your breath to find out what happened this weekend because that would have been pretty silly on your part.  {grin}

Our visit with Rush was - um, it was... it was ok.  I had moments were I would end up snapping back to reality  because there were a couple times that it seemed like she had never left, that her voice is not a permanent part of this household.  There were a few times where the four of us were getting rather sick of her self-centeredness but the kids were so happy to be able to spend some time with her.

We decorated our gingerbread house (aka our crack house - don't laugh, it didn't fair well this year. Ok, you can laugh; I mean, after all, I am laughing. {grin}).  I have pictures from the weekend and will post them soon; they are still on my camera as of tonight.

I do have to admit that by yesterday afternoon we were ready for her to leave again.  I am sure that that is something that will change with time or over time or as wounds heal; regardless, we were more than ready for her to be picked up by my mother last night.

We did have some laughs and had no fights - a couple of strong words for her treatment of the kids or arrogant behavior but like I said, overall, I think it went pretty well.

Rush and I did a bit of baking together (in between her texting).  The kids all snuggled on the couch together.  Good times.  But there was that overshadowing feeling of awkwardness - you know kind of like a white elephant in the room.  Yeah, awkward.

I have hope that each time will simply get better...


  1. I am glad the weekend went well, albeit not as well as maybe you had hoped or wished for. But, as you said, it will all get better with time. :)

  2. Sounds like our visit with my 16 y/o stepson...the 4 of us are so excited to have him with us and yet all he does is act bored!!! Hate that he has that much control of the emotion of this family!!!