Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Dad

He's my hero and not just because he rescued us. I know I have mentioned that before. I am a HUGE daddy's girl. I once lived 6 hours away from my dad and ended up begging my husband to move us back home. I cried for hours every time I talked to him on the phone - it was bad.

My dad was a single parent to us 3 kids and he was a darn good one. I never thought so at that point but he was. I left my dad when I was 16. Sound familiar? Yep, I did the same thing to my dad as Rush did to us - only I did it openly and my dad knew exactly when and where I was moving. It took a while for tings to get back to where they were - to where they are now (this is why I have so much hope, that and that God is in control of the entire situation - if He's not worried why should I be?)

My dad and I are very close again and tonight the kids and I got to spend a couple hours with him and Nanook (the dog); we all had so much fun.

I had initially gone over there to give my dad this picture.

This is my dad and his 4 remaining sisters at my brother's wedding in September. My one aunt passed away a few years ago and there was one more auntie who died when she was 24 hours old. We are sending this picture to my uncle who lives WAY up north (in fact, he moved to an Inuit community); he has had some kind of medical anomoly happen to him that no one has been able to explain. So far it has been described as possibly a stroke, MS, Lupus or "we just have no idea" and he is getting worse and worse as each week passes. My dad and uncle have been estranged for quite some time but this has put a desperation in my dad to get this picture sent to him so Uncle can see his brother and sisters one last time.

The visit turned into a lot of laughter and fun for all of us.

Bug getting kisses from Nook (Nanook) and thinking it was hil-ar-i-ous!
Cuddling with Pa.

Bug pretending he is going to eat "grandpa candy". He has tried it once, just as I have; we both puked. We were both around 4 years old.

Jellybean and Nook enjoying some quiet snuggle time. Nook recently hurt his back and has just been able to start walking around so the kids need to make the time to have quiet time with him or he just goes beserk trying to play with them.

Pa and Nook standing in the window to say goodbye as we left. This has been something our family does since I can remember. Even when I was a little kid and we lived in the same yard as my grandma, when we left her house she would stand in her big kitched window to wave to us and we always looked back to see if she was waving. Now, I look back to see if my dad is there, and he always is. My rock.

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