Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where'd we get #2

Jellybean made this cute little guy at school when she was in Grade One.  Good thing we don't have any dogs to be climbing up the tree to get it.

Yes, we do have a dog biscuit on our tree.  Um, don't you?
I love homemade ornaments, remembering what the kids were like when they made them.  At this point, Jellybean was a child being told she would not pass Grade One because she had Verbal apraxia very bad (didn't speak more than a handful of words until she was 4 1/2 years old), who went on to show the teachers that she would not be put in a box, passed each and every grade to this date and has done so with a 96.5% average.

If you happen to think of me this weekend, not like I really suspect I am on the forefront of your thinking (I'm not vain that way) but if you just so 'happen' to think of me this weekend, please send up a prayer for shalom in our house, for joy, for strength and for wisdom.  Rush is coming here sometime today, having a sleepover and even plans on going to church with us (add a softening of her heart on that list and for a powerful anointing on Pastor's words and a strong presence of God in the atmosphere).

This will be her first time back here since she ran away from home August 19. In the natural I am a bit worried about the whole weekend and it not running as smoothly as I woul like for it to.  We will be decorating our annual gingerbread house tonight (I almost said making.  Um, I am not that Martha Stewartesque.  We buy, piece together THEN decorate. {Grin})


Given the above information, it may be quiet here until Monday but I'll be sure to let you all know how it when then for sure, ok? 

Thank you, my friends, have a lovely and joyful weekend.


  1. Prayers for you, my friend. Till Monday...

    With love and hope,

  2. You were on my heart, that's why I came over. I know I haven't been here in a while and I told myself I had to come say hi.

    I hope your weekend is going smooth and that you had a peaceful house on top of it all!

    Love that ornament and you go Jellybean. Show them all!

  3. I hope and pray that all went well.