Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a couple more days.

Really.  That's all I need.  A couple more days of holiday silence.

I have been working on writing another skit.  This one for our New Year's Eve celebration at the church. I have completed writing it and we have had a practice.

I am pretty sure it will be business as usual once it is all done.

Unless, I get a bit too distracted once I finally get to play with my new copy of Lightroom.  I haven't even had a chance to open that puppy up, yet...

I miss you!  I miss you all.  Don't do anything too fun without me...and if you do, make sure you write about it on your blogs so I can catch up on Friday afternoon. Ok?

Ok.  I am glad we had this chance to talk.


  1. Sssshhhhh! It's ok. Nothing exciting is happening out here in blog land. You are not missing out on anything, really, just get your head down and get this task finished. On Friday you can find out all about how I have fallen in love with Jamie Oliver, who the unexpected visitor was in my kitchen this morning and what you get when you mix garlic, fresh oregano, olive oil anchovies and blackened bell peppers... Honestly, don't even think about peeking yet. Only one of these stories has made it on my blog yet. The other two will be there by Friday... I promise! Ssshhhhh......!

  2. Wow, that is awesome!w hat a blessing to your church family u r!