Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paint Roller Snowman

"So easy, even I can do it," she said knowing they would think she was joking, being clever but was, in reality, being very, very serious...

Look at him!  Isn't he cute?!

Wanna know how to make your own (even with your kids)?

I can tell you but I am also pretty sure you can figure it out from the picture.

Take a paint roller, a part of an old tube sock for his hat, cut off a thin strip of the sock for his scarf, glue gun some greenery to the top of the hat, glue gun some beads for eyes, nose and buttons and wire for his mouth.

His arms are thin twigs that were inserted into the paint roller by puncturing a hole into the roller. I tied some wire to each side of his arms and hung some dangly snowflakes from it, and finished it all off by putting some greenery, holly berries, jingle bells and ribbon on the bottom...pretties him up a bit, no?


  1. He is adorable!!! What an easy addition to holiday decorations. :)

  2. Great job!!!! I love things homemade,,,,especially with the kids;0)

  3. Lovely!!!

    Does it work with an old dusty one from the garage with bits of dried on old paint....


    ....I might have to pass on this craft for now then!