Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am interupting the blog slacker series to share a little something with you.

I have been in the process of purging crap out of our house. As some of you know, I am also in the process of moving our bedroom to where Rush's was and Jellybean up to our room. Common sense would then dictate that the majority of the stuff I took to Goodwill was Rush's.

I felt good about getting it out of the house. Looking at the bags of stuff to leave (70 pounds I am sure) made me feel so much lighter, emotionally and physically; I felt free or something.

This morning I packed these bags and box into my car and headed to get rid of it - feeling pretty good about myself. I dropped them off, got back in my car and...

...burst into tears and bawled like a baby. I can honestly tell you that I never expected a reaction like that from myself. I guess it just made it seem all the more final. Now, all Rush's stuff* has been boxed up and tucked away for a day that she may want it (keepsakes, special things), given to friends, thrown out or donated. (*Stuff meaning the things she didn't care enough to take with her.)
But now it's time for healing, time to move on... I just really find that reaction bizzare.


  1. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way. Everything will be okay! We are here for you if you need anything... just remember that. This emotional healing is good, though, and it sounds like you need it. Hugs, hugs, hugs!! xoxo.

  2. Its all going to be fine. You have made an important first step. Keep your head high...

  3. Sending you hugs! Sounds like you are going though a rough time. Thanks for visiting Healthy Moms!