Saturday, December 12, 2009


I get to go to my dad's house for supper and a visit! 

Doesn't excite you?

I'm not "excited" either but, I always love being with my dad; there is something comforted, soothing and safe about him being around - even amidst chaos, upheval and brokeness like when he reaced over here the morning Rush left and just held me in his arms.

It has made me think, how much more safe I feel in the presence of my heavenly father (sound too churchy?) The Bible even states in Luke 11 about our fathers not giving us a stone when we ask for bread so how much more will our heavenly father give?

All the comfort and safety I feel in my dad's presence is NOTHING compared to how safe I feel in God's presence - of how safe I should be - because the moment I am in a place of hurt and fear, what do I do?  I run to my dad, to the natural, instead of running to God.

So, tonight I am going to go to my dad's house and I am going to feel safe and secure and loved and I am going to know that there is a deeper level of that safety.  I felt it last night during worship at our church - God's presence was so strong that I was lost in Him, completely and utterly lost.  The majority of the congregation was in a place that is indescribable.  There was a strength in His presence that I can not begin to explain.  I felt things being ripped out of me that I thought were gone, hurts that I thought I had dealt with.  It was so freeing, so safe, so completely wonderful.  I only hope that more people could feel what I felt...

Now, to get ready to go see my dad....


  1. Hello!

    Sorry I have not been around much lately. I am sorry to read of your continued trials.

    I enjoyed this post about your father--earthly and Heavenly. On the flip side, I think that is why a lot of people don't "come to the Lord". They don't have a good example of an earthly father and so they can't imagine a father that they can't even see treating them lovingly.

    You and I have been fortunate because we have a loving example of an earthly father. I can only dream about how much more my Heavenly Father loves me, etc. I try to visualize Him holding me when I am in the midst of a trial, whether it be something big or something small and it really helps to calm and soothe me.

    I hope your visit went well :)

    With love and hope,

  2. Sometimes I just like to go home, too. My parents aren't in the same house but the place isn't the point. It's the company. I feel safe.

    Three years ago my life was in such an upheaval, I kept showing up to their house even though I was a 40 year old woman with domestic duties on the home front. They couldn't fix it but they let me rant, rave, cry, complain, and count my blessings.

    Two months ago my 12 year old had a bad day and lamented, "It's too hard! I just want to go home to Heavenly Father!" 1) Scared me snotless and 2) how often I had felt the same.

    Beautiful post.