Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On a cold winter's evening

No, I'm not about to start singing The Gambler by Kenny Rogers (winter edition of course).

No, I am not entirely old enough to know much about that song but I do; my dad loves Kenny Rogers.


As I said in my last post, you know the one where I am extremely relieved I did not have the foresight to take 'before' pictures), Bug is sick - he has a bug if you will.

The poor guy has been barking and hacking like it's the new in thing to love (disclaimer: I haven't seen this nor desire to but three of my children, none that live with me, are completly gaga over this whole thing).

Sorry, I did it again. I will get back on track. Seriously.

Bug is very congested but this cough has been very unproductive. After work I stopped to talk to the store's pharmacist and she told me, with no hesitation to think about it that this (Robitussin) was the best stuff to give Bug.

We were going to use a cool mist vaporizor as well, and add some of that eucylptus oil to it but, the sound the vaporizer makes scares Bug. But look what I found whilst buying the Robitussin...

This little gadget comes with 1 vapourizer and 5 refill pads (each good for 8 hours use). The best thing is, you can buy separate refills once you are done with these 5; you don't need to buy the product all over again! It releases a menthol/eucalyptus blend into the room (make sure you close the door) and is 100% quiet. I plugged it in close to Bug's bed and within a half hour it started to fill his room with soothing smells that will ease his cold this season without scaring the crap out of him.
(disclaimer: This is not an endorsed review at all; in fact Benylin, the makers of the product, don't even know little ole me exists and I bought this for the full $9.49 all by my lonesome).


  1. I don't think we have that brand here. ANd I really know we don't have it in French, surely. I did, however, buy a filter for my humidifier today. But not for cough-cure, but to help with the SERIOUSLY dry skin we got goin' on here! Sorry to hear he's "buggin' out". Haha. I crack my self up. I'll stop now. Really.

  2. Take care to unplug the vaporiser when you are not needing it especially if you go out of the house for the day. We used one and the little pad insert dried up and eventually smouldered. A friend who's husband is a fire-fighter said that some of these plug in air fresheners and vaporisers can overheat and cause fires if not used carefully. Not wanting to be a pain just want you to stay safe....