Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love You Forever

Well, not you guys. 

I mean, I like you a lot.

 It's not you; it's me. 

Really.  Can't we just be friends?

Sorry, I haven't even started and I'm all ready off course and silly.

Tonight, as I was getting the kids ready for bed, Bug asked me if there was time to read a story.  Yup, there was time so I asked him to pick one out.  He thumbed through his stacks of books, on a mission and found the book he wanted to read.


This is the book! I love this book.  Bug loves this book and so does Jellybean.  I bought a beautiful hard cover version of this book for my dad one year (he is my hero after all).

My heart never ceases to get so big reading this story to my son, not only because of how much I love him but because of the moment we get to share while reading it - a special moment just for us where I am looking in his eyes and he is looking in mine, where we say in unison:

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be (your baby I'll be - um that's Bug's part)

Tonight was the first time I have read this book since Rush ran away from home and it was a little difficult to read over the lump in my throat and a little hard to see the words through the tears in my eyes but it gave Bug and I an even bigger bonding moment as he looked at me, wiped a tear that had escaped, snuggled into me just a little closer and whispered, "It will be otay, Mama."

Yes, buddy, it will be "otay".  It will be "otay" because I have you and Jellybean and your daddy and God and Rush and Lil B and PB &J and Tuff and BabyK and because I know that one day our entire family will be restored and it will be bigger and better than it was when it was busted up!  I love your faith, your compassion, your empathy, your boldness, your passion, your heart, your zest for life.  You and Jellybean, both.  You are a dynamic duo and I love you to pieces and I'm not just saying that (since, well, you have no idea that this blog exists and who knows if you ever will...)


  1. Oh that book always, always brings a tear to my eye. I haven't read it to C yet, but I plan on it eventually, when he isn't ripping pages out anymore.

  2. i love this book, i love this book, i love this book. i hope you do not get upset for me saying this but as much as i LOVE my children and even home school there is one thing i do not enjoy doing. i do not love reading to them. i love reading but not childrens books. but i LOVE this book.