Friday, October 2, 2009


My computer time has been monopolized and not by my usual vices of checking out blogs and catching up on Biggest Loser. Oct 17 myself and a nother lady will be teaching the children, 12 & up, at our church a babysitting course. I am in the process of studying the Red Cross Babysitter's Manual and seeing what information they have and writing one up of our own to give the kids. Finding clip art and getting this manual typed up have proven interesting.

The other day I was trying to find clip art to show how to hold a baby in the cradle hold and all I could find was breast feeding clip art. {sigh}

Hopefully I will get it done soon; I am missing you ladies and would like to catch up on your blogs!

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  1. I think it is a great idea for kids to do a course before actually babysitting. It would prepare them for unexpected problems and probably give the families they babysit for more confidence. I haven't heard of one here in Australia but will see if I can get the book for my soon- to- be 12 yr old daughter. Thanks!