Friday, October 23, 2009

Snap out of it and step it up, woman!

I think I have fallen into a bit of a funk; I seem to be pushing away my family (at least not making the effort to be close to them - fear of rejection from them too? I dunno. But I have noticed it, recognized it and am changing it), letting my housework fall to the wayside and really haven't done much productive since Rush left 2 months ago now.

Pastor K said something the other day that "hit" me again as I came to the above conclusion. He said we get information → illumination → revelation → manifestation → and then transformation.

I think I am on step 3 - revelation and now I am forming transformation (not sure manifestation applies in this one, although it could - the more I rely on God to help me).

What am I doing to bring resolution to this problem I have allowed? I am organizing. That's right. I am a planner. I am a list-maker. I am a to-do checker-offer (not a word? Let's make it one! {grin}).

I am currently working on a meal plan that will, for now, stay the same every week (not my favorite way of meal planning but we are in the midst of saving some money to fix our car and to go on a little family vacation). I am organizing, down to a T, what we need to have for school lunches and am making detailed monthly and weekly grocery lists.

I am working on a schedule for myself on which rooms get cleaned on which day of the week so that I don't just sit down at my computer and fall into a world that doesn't remind me of the hurts I know need more healing. I am also making a schedule of which days the kids practice their instruments and which days this or that happen so it doesn't get over-looked any more.

I am adding reminders on my gmail account that will send me a nice email each month so I don't forget that the month is half over and I don't overlook paying any more bills so I don't have to deal with any more final notices and scrounging up money to get HUGE bills caught up.

I will also be revamping our budget now that both BigB and I are at different jobs.

I will be posting some of these plans on here - perhaps it can help someone out, perhaps not but mostly it will help me to be accountable and it will help me to not lose any more pieces of paper with all my grandiose plans that fall to the wayside.


  1. Praying that you are successful in pulling yourself out of your "funk"
    Smiles to you:)

  2. I feel ya, and I don't have as many kids, and certainly not teenagers. (pardon me while I step away to have a slight panic attack at the thought of having 4 teenagers.) Ok. I'm back.

    Yeah, I think I've been stuck on "information" for a while, because there certainly hasn't been any illumination or transformation going on here. Any ideas how to get to the next step?

    Btw, the pics of the kids praying were awesome.

  3. Wow... my friend and I just had this discussion yesterday and the exact word she used was "funk"...another one of her friends it going through the same thing. So know there are three others of us out here in a FUNK as well....and your "funk" spoke "my funk" almost to the T.

    Praying for you to get out of your funk, as I will also be organizing, list making, my to-do checker offer list never seems to end, I am always adding things to it.

    Tonight I actually said it loud enough that my family heard me...and I felt horrible and guilty afterwards.... I said "something I just want to go away."

    My home tonight, I don't know it was so unbelievable chaotic. Like I have never seen it tonight. I just had to put my baby in the stroller, my son in bed and take a slow walk in the dark around the block to take a deep breath.

    We are having to budget down to the specifics also, and that I struggle with.

    Anyways...not that you wanted to hear MY FUNK stuff... but thanks for sharing your funk stuff.