Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Gonna Lose It!!!!

And not in the way I have been going through waves of grief again in the past few days (and today was a hard one) but in the "I-have-weight-to-lose-and-I-AM-going-to-lose-it" kind of way.

I am joining up with some ladies that I have met through the internet, blogging world as they are going through a Healthy eating/fitness through the holidays.  Check their blogs here and here for nutrition tips and for fitness tips beginning Nov 3. We will be banding together with other ladies for support and ideas through our blogs so feel free to join us!  I have also been talking with my new friend, New England Girl, and we have agreed to be accountable to each other so far it hasn't been too serious but, nice to know she is there for some support and maybe a virtual slap upside the head once in awhile...{GRIN}

So, I don't think I am going to focus on weight loss so much as getting healthier and, perhaps things will get lost a whole lot easier.

Why is it so easy to lose things we don't want to lose, like our debit cards (which I have seriously lost because I hate always carrying a purse so I threw it in a pants pocket and am not sure where it wound up) or our tempers but losing those things we want to lose... is the most. difficult. thing. in. the. world!

Well, that and putting our lives in the hands of another and trusting Him completely...over ALL things!


  1. Good on you!

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress...

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog and for the compliments about our new baby :)

    Best wishes to you on your new healthy efforts. Maybe a little will rub off on me :)

    I am constantly losing things, except weight--go figure!

    Take Care,
    With love and hope,

  3. Good for you ladies!! I am definitely going to keep up with your blogs and make sure I lend an encouraging word and some support throughout this weight loss goal! :)

    And we need to become more serious about becoming accountable to one another! haha. I need about 15 slaps upside the head right now... I haven't worked out in TWO days and I feel like a failure... urgh.

    Good luck to you though... you are going to do so well! :)