Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moved to Tears

I truly am.  My husband is gone every second week - sometimes very far away (to the furthest northern tip of our province as you can go and you can't really get there by roads unless it is winter and it has frozen hard enough to be able to make an ice road - you know, on the lake).

This week I have been auditing a class at our Bible Training Center on Prayer (the class has been fantastic but that is neither here nor there to the topic of this post. {GRIN}). A dear, young lady (one of our pastor's daughters) came to me last weekend offering to babysit for me as she knew BigB was gone, and she was so genuine in her desire to help us out.

Tonight, after class, a revelation smacked me in the head (you know like on the "you shoulda had a V-8" commercials), I had no way to take Miss December home! My kids would be sleeping and there were no other adults that could stay with my kids while I ran her back.  (I haven't had to worry about things like that for a while; Rush or BigB have always been here for this kind of stuff - and we haven't needed a sitter we needed to take home; she lived with us!)

Anyway, her dad, Pastor T, followed me home to take December back home.  As I was getting out of my car he jumped out of his and  said to me, "If you ever need anything while BigB is away, you call us.  It doesn't matter what time.  You call us.  Ok!"

There was such a genuine, sincere and loving tone in his voice that it really did move me to the point of almost crying - those good tears.

So many people ask "How are you doing?" without really caring what the answer is or even waiting to hear it (and I have been guilty of this myself). Or they will casually tell you that they will pray for you and never think of it or you again...

It really refreshed my spirit and my heart to hear how he truly meant every word he said and I know that if I needed to call them at 2 AM he would not begrudge me one little bit.

I am so very blessed to be in the church I am  in; I absolutely love the family we all are and how we all help each other.  We truly are a family of bothers and sisters, and love our neighbor as we are instructed to.

I am a very fortunate and blessed lady; yes, I have trials.  God never said we wouldn't; He simply said He would strengthen us to get through them. And He has and does!


  1. How wonderful that you have such kind people to offer to lend a hand while your husband is away. Take care:)

  2. God knew that we would have needs like this when he designed the fellowship of believers! I'm so glad you are surrounded by caring people. My husband travels for his job as well. It didn't bother me before we had Cora, but now, I just hate it when he's away. Thank you Jesus, for my kind friends!!

  3. What a wonderful story! Being able to truly depend and lean on others is such a comforting and warming feeling. I'm happy that you have so many lovely and blessed friends around you. xoxo.

  4. I too wonder about the sincerity and actual follow through of the often said "I'll pray for you" term.

    I am glad that you were touched.

  5. Its a nice feeling when someone offers you help that is genuine. You probably would never need to take them up on it but it is nice to have the choice.

  6. People like this are priceless - and few and far between. Glad you know one of them :o)