Friday, October 16, 2009

Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!!

The judges deliberated for many, many hours over over their FruitLoops this morning and have come back to me with their decision as to the winner of the fabulous "Name the Fish because I ran out of creativity" contest, in which the winner wins a big, fat nothing unless you count being mentioned on this blog and perhaps being able to score a CEO position by adding Namer of Fish on your resume. {Grin}

Ok, without further ado, the name of this fish

is Pearl, submitted by Melissa at Tiny Greek Goddess.  Thank you all three of you, for your suggestions.  Jellybean and Bug had a fantastic time deliberating.

Pearl seems to love her new name and is very relieved to not be referred to as No-name any longer.

Thanks for playing...


  1. A-woo-hoo!!

    And, I will be adding Namer of Fish to my extensive (and now diverse!) resume!! ; )

  2. Pearl is a very fitting name for the fish! I like it!

  3. I found your blog while blog hopping and have just read it from start to this post! I have also bookmarked it to continue to stay up to date on your story.

    Praying that you receive the peace and the strength that you need to get through every day!