Sunday, October 11, 2009

Checking In

Just borrowing my mother-in-law's computer and internet to email the babysitting manual to the pastor's wife for proofing and final approval. WAIT! DID I SAY THE MANUAL WAS DONE?! I so did didn't I!? HOORAY!!!

Had Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. Will post pictures once back. We ended up turning around as we are in the midst of quite a snow storm!

Let's just say things with Rush didn't go as well as I had hoped and not as bad as I had feared. I guess that is the best way to put it. Overall we had fun with the kids and the in-laws...

I'll update you all when I can get those pictures up.

Thank you all for your kind words during my dark cloud, pity party moment. I truly appreciate them and you all, my new NIRL (yet?) friends!


  1. You are amazing! Getting the draft version emailed so far ahead of time! It must be such a weight off your mind. Even at the most I am guessing there will just be some small tweaks here and there. Well done!

    As for Rush, I'm glad to hear it wasn't a total disaster. Even if it didn't go quiet as well as you had hoped at least it doesn't sound like you burned bridges.

    Looking forward to seeing your snow photos!

  2. Wow- well done on getting that draft done! And in the midst of a holiday. That is some serious organization and I am more than a little jealous of your skills. :)
    I'm glad to hear the holidays weren't as bad as you had anticipated on the Rush front... At least you got to spend some face time together, right? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things improve from here on out.

    Have a safe trip back! Can't wait to see the photos. :)