Saturday, October 17, 2009

Like Peas in a Pod Peanut Butter and Jam

These two are like peanut butter and jam/jelly (whichever you prefer).  Highschool sweethearts.  Working towards their second year of marriage.  They go very well together, I think - just like peanut butter and jam and not like BigB's favorite peanut butter and cheese whiz.  I don't think that sounds like it goes together at all...

The funny thing is that that is not how they became known as P.B and J - not at all.  They both worked at McDonalds during high school and one day, I asked P.B for extra pickles on my cheeseburger.
Sorry, I got distracted a little.
P.B. was making my cheeseburger and he put about 15 pickles on my burger!  I started calling him Pickle Boy, which was then shortened to P.B.  Her name starts with the letter J and it just sort of stuck.

I would love to be able to say I was clever enough for that pun to have been intended but, alas, I was only quick enough to catch that there was a pun.

I do need to brag a bit about J.  She just let us know that she finally got her marks back from the test she took to get her LPN credentials and she, of course, passed!  She has been stressing out over getting these marks back as she wrote the test quite a few weeks ago.
Anyway, I am so proud of my girl and all that she has accomplished in her life with her husband. She is a fantastic nurse ( and he is a welder), has a house with a garden,  two very adorable dogs that the younger kids love to visit and there is so much more to love about P.B. & J.  Anyway, I am very, very proud of the two of them.