Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Name that Fish" contest

Seriously...this is a name that fish contest. Why? Because my creativity is tapped.
What do you win? Absolutely nothing other than the satisfaction of knowing that the name you picked will last as long as the fish and my children's memory does. Oh, and you will be announced here so me and my 13 other readers will remember that you won the "Name that Fish" contest.

Rules? There are none other than the name needs to be family appropriate.

This is Hidalgo. Why? He is a "paint" and he as the same temperment as Hidalgo from the movie

These are the two remaining of the original three...Herman is the bigger of the two and Rosie.

This goldish, bronzish looking fish is guessed it....Gold's Fish (sort of like Gold's Gym but fishy)

This is E.B.B. Covergirl...when you see the picture you WILL understand!

We have two of these guys, Chinese Algae Eaters, and they are The King and Sally, named after a certain someone's favorite Cars movie.

And now, my friends, it is totally your turn! I am so fish named out and I am at a loss for this poor fish. My inspiration has plummeted into almost non-existance! You think I jest but it is sadly true...

Please, name this fish...he/she can't be no-name for the rest of its life!

All you get is the satisfaction of knowing that a handful of people know you named the poor fish and perhaps you can add it to your resume...Namer of Fish. You never know, it could be the small detail that gets you that big CEO position... never know!

And yes, I know this is a sad little contest...especially for being the first contest I have ever had...pitiful.


  1. Shimmer is the first name that came to my mind when looking at it....but I've never named a fish

  2. I'd call it "Golden Bubbles" Not sure why though! It's just what came to mind.

  3. How 'bout Pearl? It's not too creative, but it came immediately to mind. (I love that you use EBB Covergirl! So funny!!)