Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You have a little smoosh on your face

Just above your lip...

You have a little something...


Is it food?

Or a beauty mark?

A giant freckle?

Nope! Um, your "smoosh" just moved.

OH! It's Not Jack (name explanation here), the ladybug who flew into our car this afternoon to avoid the snow.

Hi, Not Jack! Thanks for joining us and for, like, not dying and stuff.


  1. Aaarrgghhhh! I thought I was seeing a ghost!

    Hello "Not Jack" I hope you have fun playing with your new friend, just try to stay above ground level....!

  2. I know! That's what I thought too! I was a bit nervous when he flew into the front seat of the car while I was driving and the kids were all DON'T MOVE YOUR FEET. AT. ALL! and I was all I HAVE TO I AM DRIVING! Glad I didn't step on the little guy.

    A thought just crossed my mind though...did they put Not Jack outside or is he being a squatter this winter?

  3. Haha. How funny! I would have never guessed a lady bug!

  4. So cute- I had no idea it was a ladybug!