Thursday, October 15, 2009

Never too young

I took Jellybean and Bug with me tonight when I went grocery shopping. Where else would they be, right? Anyway, totally not the point of the story.

We were passing the deli where they keep all the delicious looking sandwiches that they sell for $5 each when Jellybean had a brainwave. "Mom," she said full of excitement over her thought processes, "why don't you just buy me and Bug one of those sandwiches for our lunches and then you don't have to make us lunches anymore?! That would be so easy for you, heh?"

I didn't want to crush her really "great" idea but I took that time to explain to the kids about being good stewards of our money, then we discussed how much two of those sandwiches would be for one day of the week and then I showed and explained to her (Bug too but he wasn't really listening - what can I expect from a 6 year old boy about grocery shopping? Yawn)how much lunch stuff we could buy for that $10.

She will be getting a delicious looking egg salad sandwich tomorrow but I think this one only cost about $0.75 to make (if even that). She did get the message and you could see the "gears" turning in her head as she was figuring out what the best deal was, and as she figured it out and saw that she could have her sandwich and a package of mini oreo cakesters for lunch for way less than that one sandwich she was uber excited to go home so I could make as many sandwiches as I wanted.

P.S. I will be bringing forth all name suggestions to Jellybean and Bug tomorrow for judging and let you know of the "winner" of the unbelievable prizes as soon as I can. {Grin}

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