Monday, October 5, 2009


The time has come. We are going to rearrange some bedrooms. Jellybean was moved into a room we could use as a bedroom, although it has no closet. Rush was feeling ripped off that she had to share her room with her sister who was half her age so, I spent all of two days to pack up and move out of my office and move Jellybean into it. I painted Rush's room, painted some canvases for her and made her a nice room. It now sits empty and Jellybean is squashed in this tiny room that is big enough to hold her bed and a dresser, and that has a over-the-door bar as a makeshift closet.

She isn't wanting to move into her sister's old room; understandably it makes her too sad to be in that room.

I will, over the next little while, be moving some stuff from our room to Rush's old room and then, Jellybean will move into the room we are in now. I think it will take a while for it to happen as I need to wait for BigB to come home to help me with some of the big stuff (dressers, beds and such)but I can certainly move some clothes and shelves and such...

Time to shift...


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! My boys were not happy to have to share a room after 7 years of having their own space!! Tried to make it fun for them :-)

  2. It is a hard choice to change her room back to a different purpose. Almost like admitting she isn't coming back through the door any day now. It makes sense though to let people living in the house use the space you have.

  3. Gina, it has been hard. It is very final and I keep thinking in my head "but what if..." But we are not going to not live in our house based on what if's that may or may not ever come to hard as it may be.