Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Armful of ♥

This young man

Yes, this young man

Found out a year ago that his dad was marrying a wonderful lady. He asked if he would be able to make a speech at the wedding when they had it.

The speech brought the house down in a pool of tears - everyone.

He started off by telling everyone how happy Ash made his dad and how he could see how much happier his dad was. He then told us how happy Ash made him and his little brother, how she plays with them and camps with them and how she has been such a great mom to them.

He then retold a story his Papa (my step-dad) had told him about my brother when he was young.

My brother was helping Papa move tin; he decided to hold it in his arms while driving a dirtbike...

I think I need to interject for a moment to add a bit of foreshadowing...it was not for lack of a better nickname that Papa called my brother Bruiser...let's carry on.

...my brother {Bruiser} hit a granery with his dirtbike (and the armful of tin) and moved the granery 6 inches! Ser-i-ous-ly!

Benny (my nephew's nickname and oddly enough, totally unrelated to his actualy name; I don't remember how he got to be called Benny)then turns to his dad sitting at the headtable (all ready bawling) and says "Dad I bet that's what it felt like when you fell in love with Ash, only instead of tin you had an armful of heart."

He wrote this when he was 9 years old, totally by himself. It was so eloquently written and he was smooth when he delivered it. He wasn't visibly nervous - he sounded like liquid chocolate, smooth.

The speech was complete when DeeDee said, in his cute 6 year old voice, "We love you Daddy an' Ash!"

It was way more emotional than it reads on here; I have not done it justice at all! I wish I would have thought to video it...that would have been perfect!

But this young man...these young men

did an outstanding job of the speech that no one felt adequate to follow and that left my brother looking like this...

{And how about those adorable flower girls? Are they cute or what? I had never met them before but they are Ash's neices. Cute! Cute! And more CUTE!}

Here's to having an armful of ♥

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