Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The end?

DD4 brought her homework to me, needing my help with homonyms for the words "red" and "daze".

First up "red".
DD4: I can't think of any homonyms for these two words. What sounds the same as "red".

Me: Well, when you are done reading a book you say "I...?"

DD4: The end?


  1. Haha. Close! Those grammar things are all tricky!

  2. Isn't our language CRAZY? LOL! That is very humorous! As an English teacher, I am always paying attention to these "funnies!" (And not to mention as a mom!)

    One day my 3 yr old son and I were in the car, and I asked him which way I had just turned on the street. "Left," he said. And do you know what I said? "That's right!" LOL!

  3. I know! I am not an English teacher but always favored that subject in school. I think these little stories are hilarious.

    I have done the same thing with my kids and say to them "which way should we go?". If they say "left" I say "right". "Right?" "No, that's left, honey." "But you said..." "Oh, I know I said 'right' but what I should have said is 'that is correct.'"

    Too funny!