Monday, September 7, 2009


This Labor Day has been anything short of a holiday from work but it has been good. Last night I went to a brief meeting to finalize decorations for a wedding I am "doing".

Don't really know what else to call it.

I did the wedding invitations and she is getting me to do the decorations for the ceremony and reception as well. It's for my "sistah" who I blogged about a few days ago here. I am a bit nervous about it. We have a small budget and live in a small town with little to choose from but I hope to make it simple yet classy as she is a classy lady. (I will hopefully remember to post some pictures for you guys to see.) The wedding is in two weeks.

This weekend, it's my brother's.

Oh, but I digress...

I was talking about how I labored today. Went with DH to see if he could help fix a friend's van but the water pump is seized and with it being a holiday...well, nothing was open.

We did a bit of shopping-running-around-type stuff which means we exchanged a pair of bluejeans we had bought for DS3, bought a new litter box for the cat, got a new blazer for me and some medicine for my sick DD4. Did the whole house cleaning thing, which resulted in my spending my free time in DS3's room - we went through toys and clothes and got rid of a garbage bag full of junk (curse McDonald's happy meal toys) and a large box of toys the DS3 has outgrown.

(Tomorrow...DD4's room, if she is feeling better)

How did you all spend your Labor Day? And...Does it excite you as much as it does me when you get to get rid of STUFF from your house? It's almost better than chocolate!


  1. I got a new freezer for the basement today so we can start shopping at wholesale stores and freezing the extra. I also cleaned out the playroom, and played with my son. It was a pretty labor-free labor day!

  2. I am about to have three days off work in a row mid-week while my kids are at school and my hubby is on a business trip. I have so many things I want to do! I can see me filling a lot of garbage bags up while the kids are not around!!!

  3. Beth, that is fantastic! I LOVE our freezer! It is so handy for making double the meal & freezing one for an easy meal night! With our schedule, I would be lost without ours!

    Gina, those are great times for me - when I can be in one of the rooms without any one there saying "but I still use that!" when you know it hasn't moved since 1997! Have fun! And happy tossing!!!!