Friday, August 28, 2009

The Beginning

Of a busy weekend weeks that is.
It started yesterday with the kick off to orientation to school for the Training Center and for the kids. We have a special speaker for the weekend. Being on the worship team I needed ( and need) to be at the church for 6:30. It does make for a bit of a mad dash to get home, eat and get ready but it's sort of like a challenge. {Grin}
4 services in 4 days plus a wedding plus I do need to buy a bunch of groceries; we are out of EVERYTHING! It will be a full weekend but it will be a worthwhile weekend! Next Saturday is another wedding shower, the Saturday after that is my little brothers wedding (EXCITED!) and the Saturday after that is the wedding of next week's bridal shower...
Get it? Got it? Good.
I will probably need your help to keep it all straight anyway! Whew! {Grin!}

My wonderful brother (best friend)

My sistah and her SOON to be husband!


  1. Your sister is beautiful! That is a whole lot of weddings to keep track of! I hope you have a wonderful time during all of those!

  2. Thanks for sharing your life with us here in blog land. I have enjoyed reading your entries and appreciate the support that you have shown me recently concerning the loss of my 17 month old son Caleb.

    I updated my blog tonight and awarded you the "Friend Award". Congrats and thanks for being there!

    With love and hope,