Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's Bob Saget when you need him?

I got home from work to my kids running to meet the car, shouting, through giggles, that they, with their babysitter, were locked out of the house. She only had a deadbolt key and the doorknob accidentally was locked when she shut the door. No ground level windows were open, no other doors unlocked. Thankfully they had only been locked out for a few minutes.

My problem solving skills totally kicked in and this, my friends, is where we needed Bob Saget, you know, from when he hosted America's Funniest Videos. If only the batteries for the camera I had in my purse hadn't died during yesterday's wedding shower. {Sigh} If they hadn't y'all would be laughing as hard as I am.

Picture it, Sicily, 1918...oh wait, I am flashing back to television shows from my youth. Picture it. I am in my backyard standing on a patio table (having had no success standing on the chair) on my tippy toes, praying that the thin wood of the table will hold my weight. I managed to get the screen to DS3's bedroom window off and looked around to see who I could boost through the window.

DS3 was the obvious conclusion given that he is only 6, doesn't weigh too terribly much and I could probably manage to hoist him up and through the window. I got him up to the ledge and he chickened out.


DD4 volunteered and if she were any skinnier she could pass as a helium balloon on a string. {joking} This could work! I pushed; she pulled and we got her half way in the window. With legs kicking out the window (one story up), she wiggled and squiggled and eventually (3 minutes later) fell to the floor of her brother's room. Yay!

We heard a crash and a bang, a grunt and a groan, and DD4 jumped up to the window, looking ever victorious, gave us two thumbs way, WAY up and said, "I'm okay!" in her chipper, peppy cheerleader type voice before she bounded out of the room to let us in the house.

Moments later we heard a siren and I thought we may all be slapped in cuffs, thrown in the back of a cruiser and hauled off. Yep, wouldn't that take the cake? I can see the headlines now. Mom sends kid to Juvie - encourages break-and-enter...

All I have to say about that is...

"Whatcho talkin' 'bout, Willis!?"

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