Thursday, August 20, 2009

It will be ok.

God is good and He reigns and He is not surprised by the events of yesterday. He is not wringing His hands in worry, wondering what to do.

God, I put my child in your hands; You will keeep her safe. God, speak to her, heal her wounds, tear down walls and destroy lies that have taken hold of her. Whisper her name that she may respond to You and run back to You, that she may know that we love her with every cell in our bodies and that we feel so off kilter without her.

God, help us to be able to be strong and to carry on. Help me to not be filled with despair and pain. Heal my wounds quickly that I may be there for DD4 and DS3! This will not destroy me.

Please, don't let this destroy me...

Help me to become a better parent to her and to my other children. Lord, I can't do this on my own and I need You - just as always. Teach me, God. Show me where I need to change, what I need to work on...

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