Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It could have been one of "those" days

Had I let it...
Let me first start this by saying I am so glad I am blogging about this now instead of, say 45 minutes ago.

DD2 has been caring for 4 ladies who live in my "friend's" private care home. Why the quotations around 'friend'? As of today I use the term loosely; I am not friends with people of questionable character. I consider them acquaintances or, in some cases, family...(I have to keep my sense of humor here)

She & her husband decided that they would invest the money they owe DD2 for her post-secondary school instead of paying it to her like she deserves. She worked hard for that money, 24 hours a day caring for 4 ladies with varying degrees of mental illness, 8 dogs, having to give the ladies their medication and at times with no food in the house (I had to buy the groceries to take out there so I know).

He phoned me at work yelling at me about how DD2 was in breach of trust for having friends over there. Um? How about no. She was in breach of our trust for having a boy over there but not theirs. My "friend" told her she could have friends over - just not a lot. There was no mention of 'no boys'.

It all got worked out in the end but why phone the all ready upset mom of the teenage girl you hired to yell at her (but apparently, according to him, he wasn't yelling).

Anyway, I guess I am just frustrated with everyone deciding how they are going to "fix" her and how they can do whatever they want (even if it is illegal). He even said to me, "Go ahead, spend $1000 on a lawyer just to get back $500." First of all, buddy, it is $700 and secondly, just saying that means you know you are wrong; you just don't think I would spend the money to show you. Funny thing is, my daughter makes no money now; so, she could spend no money at Legal Aid to get the money from you.

My daughter may have left my care but do. not. under estimate me! I will still fight for her and for what is right - stand up for righteousness.

Anyway, enough of that; it is apparently all worked out and we shall see how honorable they truly are.

DH is off on his first business trip for his new job. He started the Monday before all of this drama began, on my birthday! He is excited and excited for the trips to come. The up north, fishing trips. He bought some collapsible fishing rod that will fit in his backpack; it was the first requirement for new job shopping (in his mind). {Grin} I hope he has fun and is able to do some fishing tonight.

DD4 and DS3 and I will...I don't know what we will do. I was going to be going to a bridal shower tonight but, given the recent developments (this wasn't a planned trip for DH), I think I will just stay home and enjoy being with my children.

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