Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Art of Self-Dentistry

Mornings around here, for me, are like perfoming my own oral surgery. I am pretty sure I can do it myself, or why would I try, right?

You get everything laid out, everything prepared, get your hand poised to rip out that tooth, that impacted tooth and, BAM! The reality of what you're about to do hits you and you're all ah crap what made me think I was able to do this on my own?!

I can't do this on my own so here I am with this throbbing impacted tooth that is screaming at me, demanding my attention. Only I don't have the tools to give it the attention it requires. There really is only one who does and he is NOT the dentist down the street from me.

I have to sit myself down in the chair, resign myself to the fact that this WILL hurt, if only for a season, open myself up to allow the procedure to take place and let Him it rip it the heck out! God is the only one who can fix this. Anything else and I could end up with a butcher job of self-dentistry that needs a whole lot more time and pain to fix.

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