Wednesday, August 26, 2009

T Minus DD2 Week One (Day 7)

It's been a week. A hard week. A roller coaster of a week, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

Yes, spiritually. It has been a fight to not allow myself to just sink spiritually. It has been a fighting against waves that try to knock me down but I didn't let them. God strengthened me; He heard my pleas to Him that screamed 'Don't allow this to wreck me! You are my foundation and You are my fortress! I will chase after You like the woman with the issue of blood. I will not succumb to my circumstances but, I will pursue You, grab hold of You and allow Your healing power to flow!'

He as strengthened me. It has been a journey. No one ever said that becoming a Christian made your life immediately perfect. It just means that no matter what, with our focus on God, there is hope. Keep your focus on God. That is what I have been striving for this week. Focusing on acting, speaking and thinking in a way that brings honor to God's name. If I focused on myself that would make me selfish. It's not about me but Him.

That does seem hypocrytical doesn't it? Here I am with a blog writing about my life and the things that happen to me but it is not my focus. My focus is to write about my life, what my family is going through in our attempt to focus on God and to show how He will bring us through anything.

The past week has reminded me of perspective. My perspective vs God's. He did not spend all week pacing Heaven, wringing His hands with worry, wondering what to do next - not like I did. He knew this would happen and it says in His word what they intended for harm God purposed for good. One day this will be a fantastic testimony for God whether it be my testimony, DD2's testimony or OUR testimony! Either way, God will be given glory out of this whole ordeal.

*Side note: DH is on a business trip near where 5 of the kids live (including a DSIL1). He was able to visit with DD1 and DSIL1 yesterday and was even able to visit with DD2!!! She told him her classes and that she and DS2 have one class together, Cooking. he had a nice conversation with her, nothing deep, just nice...

...Thank you, God!

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