Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Allow me to introduce ourselves

Kind of rude of me isn't it? You know, to have poured my heart out to you all like this without introducing myself. Please allow me to introduce us.

Please meet DH and I. This was taken last year at his birthday party. Who gave him that fabulous blue shirt and tie? I am so glad you asked? Me! I have great taste! {Grin}

DS1 with his dad. He lives down in Missouri now so we don't get to see him very often. He is a computer wizard just like his dad.
DD1 and her husband, DSIL1 (Seriously? I need a better system than that!). She is an LPN; he is a welder and is currently going to school to become a small engine mechanic as well. They are going to do a fabulous job of taking care of DD2.

DD2 taken this past Christmas.

DS2, What does an avid skateboarder do in winter? (taken 2 years ago)
Not a great picture but this lovely lady is DD3; it was taken 2 years ago as well.

DD4. Need I say more?

DS3 That's what I said!

Even through its trials and heartbreaks, I LOVE being a MOM!

*Some that happen on here may recognize that I do have another blog (one that I started years ago) but there are things on here that I may want to address from time to time that I don't want on my blog right now, that I don't want the people I know IRL to know just yet. I need just a bit of anonymity (I do realize that by putting pictures on that I have reduced that but, the people I know IRL that are savvy enough to find this are also wise enough to understand this post.).

*In Real Life

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